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Software Features

Our pawn software comes fully loaded with every feature you'll need to manage your shop and your customers.

Point of Sale Tools

Bravo’s POS software helps you easily handle and manage transactions in your pawnshop.

  • Track every transaction by employee account even when multiple staff share a workstation
  • Track aged inventory and bulk discount by age, category or both to lift inventory turnover rate
  • Split commissions between several employees so everyone receives credit
  • Split payment into two or more payment types in one transaction to aid customers
  • Create custom services and fees on the fly for cleaning, repairs, or layaway restocking
  • Sell gift cards or issue them for refunds redeemable at any of your Bravo locations
  • Put transactions on hold with a lock screen and restore them by logging back in

Pawn Tools

We have dozens of pawn tools to let you accurately research and track your inventory to protect your profit margins.

  • Manage your entire inventory on one convenient screen
  • Assess and determine what an item is worth based on its condition with The Estimator
  • View the average price sold, loan amount, margin, return rate, shrink rate, and more for every product
  • Find what you’re looking for by UPC, receipt, loan ticket, make or model, and more with 9 different Smart Search functions
  • Subtract the gravity weight of stones from mounting weight with Jewelry Master so you get a precise price breakdown of every jewelry piece
  • Make sure every penny is accounted for when you refine jewelry and see an average 7% increase in scrap profit margin

Operations Tools

We’ll simplify your store operations so you can spend more valuable time with your customer.

  • Get reminders of what needs to be done for the day and keep track of administrative and operational duties with Task Manager
  • Use store calendar to visualize what days your store is open and if you’ll charge interest on days when your store is closed or wait until the next business day
  • Transfer items between your stores without relabeling and let Bravo handle item verification, overages and shortages during batch transfers
  • Create your own custom location names for your sales floor and back storage by function to track where items are located
  • See a detailed item and payment history from the moment an item enters your store to the moment it’s sold (and everything in between)
  • Let customers conveniently view their loans online to save you both time
  • Copy, paste and store images of merchandise, IDs, customers, or employees or capture them with a webcam
  • Stay organized with free and seamless accounting spreadsheet exports to QuickBooks, Great Plains, or MAS90

Reporting Tools

Bravo Systems comes with a suite of reporting tools that allow you to pull real-time sales and customer data the way you want to see it.

  • Dive deep into your business with Bravo’s 36 standard reports including employee, store, company, and eCommerce reports
  • Use the custom report generator to build, customize, and save unlimited custom reports
  • View snapshots of your store’s performance and compare numbers month-to-month
  • Easily search reports
  • Get a 5-second customer interview including loan default rate, redemption rate, average loan, lifetime contribution, current loan balance, profit from buys and defaulted loans, and more with Customer Knowledge
  • See a detailed transaction and item history of every item that has been pawned, sold, redeemed, put on layaway or purchased with customer history
  • Categorize your customers to personalize your marketing efforts
  • Comply with law enforcement reporting mandates with complete and compliant police exports
  • Export reports in 10 different file formats and simply email or save to them your desktop

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