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Bravo Multi-Store POS Software

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Bravo was designed for the multi-store pawnbroker

Our 35 years of pawn software expertise has allowed us to create a pawnshop software specifically suited to support multiple locations. Let Bravo help you scale your business into new markets, all while remaining consistent and accountable.

Connect all of your locations

  • Share customers across every store
  • Lookup inventory company-wide
  • Make inter-store payments
  • Track inter-store cash transfers
  • Batch transfer and receive items
  • Issue gift cards good at all locations

Transform every store into your top-performer

Make sure operations are consistent company-wide with Bravo. Our flexible multi-store POS software allows you to manage and distribute best practices from the top down, while still letting you customize operations at the store-level as needed.

Company-wide reporting

More data equals better-informed decisions and higher profits.

View performance in real-time

Bravo comes with powerful reporting tools so you can get an accurate snapshot of your business at any time. Company information is aggregated and displayed in simple and functional reports easily accessible from your dashboard for timely decisions.

Gain greater business insights

Our reports show how your business is doing at a macro and micro-level. Monitor transactions, check what’s selling, and watch all your key performance indicators to stay up-to-date on your bottom line.

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Number of stores: Hundreds

Location: All around the country

Why Bravo

If your current pawn software doesn't exceed your needs, you have the wrong software. Bravo surpasses everything on the market.