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Bravo Single Store POS Software

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At Bravo, we know pawn software

We’ve been developing software for pawnshops for over 35 years, and before that, we were running our own pawn business. Leverage our experience and expertise to maximize your shop’s operations, reach, and profitability.

New Pawnbroker?

Welcome! We’ll help you become a pawn expert faster with our exclusive price guide and task manager. The Bravo price guide will show you what pawnbrokers are buying, loaning, and selling items for, and our Bravo task manager will streamline your administrative tasks so you can focus on your business.

Switching Pawn Software?

Now’s the time! We can digitize your manual system to help you write loans faster, track important customer stats, and manage your expiring loans and inventory. If you’re moving away from another software our customer service, frequent enhancements, eCommerce integrations, and mobile app will make it worth the swap.

Let Bravo POS do the heavy lifting

Our mission is to exceed your expectations so you can focus on your pawn customers and business.

Always getting better

Get the latest features every six weeks.

Bravo is able to provide customers with automatic updates – constantly bringing new and improved features. This is unlike other pawn software where you would have to actually have to shut down the store to process an update.

Mathew Sams
Gateway Jewelry & Pawn

Keep employees happy

Easy to learn. Easy to use.

For me and my employees, Bravo was very easy to train on. Bravo gives employees autonomy while providing managers and owners peace of mind knowing they've given their employees the tools they need to finish their own deals.

Tom Stout
GNT Jewelry and Loan

Build your pawnshop's online presence with

No more waiting for your front doors to open. While you’re sleeping, your store is working.

More customers in more places

Reach millions of online shoppers when you extend your business with Buya. We’ll make sure your inventory gets seen by feeding product listings into Google, Yahoo, and Bing, purchasing Google AdWords product listings, and geo-tagging your inventory to show in mobile search. All at no additional cost!

Safely process online transactions

Our reliable and user-friendly Buya shopping cart delivers PayPal payments to you seamlessly, safely, and securely through the Bravo point-of-sale system. We want to give you the tools and technology you need to turn your single pawnshop into an awesome and profitable online store.

Get your store on the map

Join hundreds of other shops on our Buya merchant map! Easily set-up and customize your store profile so locals can pinpoint your location and shop your newly added inventory 24/7.

Multiply with social media

Every product you list on Buya can be posted to 300+ social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Let social maximize your marketing efforts and watch your inventory move!

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Patriot Gun & Pawn

Meet Susan and Alex LaProva

Number of stores: 1

Location: Florida

Why Bravo

We wanted a partner who would give us great customer service. We had no idea Bravo would give us the kind of support that would help our business grow tremendously in the first few years.