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Stars, Stripes & Sales : 5 Tips to Capitalize on 4th of July Consumer Spending

What do you think of when you hear the 4th of July? Fireworks? Barbecues? Patriotism? For many, 4th of July isn’t just a celebration of our country, but also a time to get together with friends and family… Read More

July 4th

What do you think of when you hear the 4th of July? Fireworks? Barbecues? Patriotism? For many, 4th of July isn’t just a celebration of our country, but also a time to get together with friends and family for a summertime cookout. For businesses, it means a great opportunity to elicit sales and traffic if you are having a summertime slump.

Although Independence Day is coming up rather quickly, there is still time to cash in on this patriotic holiday. Here are some marketing tips and ideas that you can utilize this week leading up to the 4th of July to help you capitalize:


1) Email Blasts 

Hopefully you’ve been collecting your customer’s email addresses when they pawn or make purchases. Now is the time to use this vital piece of information and reach back out to them with your upcoming 4th of July promotions.

If you are a Bravo user, it is super easy to export those email addresses (if you don’t know how, submit a help ticket and we’d be glad to assist) and import them into your preferred email provider. I recommend using Mailchimp – it’s free up to 2,000 contacts and you can create a really nice email blast by importing your customer email addresses, uploading graphics, and writing catchy content.

In the image below you will see statistics from Experian of email subject lines that led to higher conversions during 4th of July email blasts:

Image Credit: Experian

Image Credit: Experian



2) Social Media

Image Credit : Ideal Luxury

Image Credit : Ideal Luxury

When it comes to holidays, social media is one of the best advertising platforms at your disposal – plus, it can be super cheap with a huge ROI (return on investment). For instance, on Facebook you can boost a post with a graphic highlighting your 4th of July sale for whatever budget you decide, targeting the demographics you prefer, for however long you want it to run. Talk about customizability!

Be sure to place your logo on whatever images you choose or create and write a post that describes your sale, where they can take advantage of it, and a call to action (i.e. visit today and save). If you have certain items you are featuring with your sale, be sure to share images of them and let your customers know this deal is only for a limited time – creating a sense of urgency and spiked demand.

You may even want to consider running a special 4th of July contest to spur social media engagement and extra results. Whether it’s an image contest on Instagram where customers can share an image displaying their patriotism for a chance to win an iPad, or simply asking Facebook followers to share your post to receive 25% off their next order, there are many different ways you can incentivize your social media followers to take action and spread the word of your 4th of July promotions.


3) Push Themed Inventory

For Valentine’s Day many pawnbrokers run jewelry sales, but what about 4th of July? Think summertime, barbecues, parties, and the outdoors. This is a great time to move and promote grills, camping supplies, outdoor furniture, sporting goods, sunglasses, fishing gear, bicycles, lawnmowers ,televisions, cameras, and other tailgating-esque accessories.

Unless you are experiencing the desert’s triple-digit heat like we are here in Las Vegas, this is a great time of year to hold a Sidewalk Sale or Tent Sale in your parking lot. There are many places where you can rent or purchase a party tent that you can place in your parking lot and place either themed merchandise out there or advertise that “Everything in the Tent 25% off or more” to draw in the crowds. Not only are Sidewalk and Tent Sales eye-catching to the passerby but it will also make your store look busier than normal which lures people in to see what the crowds are all about.

Image Credit: BigStockPhoto

Image Credit: BigStockPhoto


4) Block Party

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, to some people the 4th of July means barbecue and parties. If that’s the case, why not host your own? Celebrate with your customers the freedom of our country by grilling out at the store, buying some sparklers, turning up the tunes, and holding your own Independence Day themed party.

You might be thinking, “this will cost me an arm and a leg.” Granted, throwing parties is never cheap, but it can still positively impact your bottomline by growing customer loyalty and showing your community involvement. Consider teaming up with nearby businesses to share expenses and truly make it a block party – the more the merrier! With a memorable experience, attendees are likely to become repeat customers and remember your brand/store the next time they need to make a purchase or pawn.


5) Display Your Patriotism

A simple way to capitalize on this summer holiday is by just putting up some red, white, and blue decorations. We put up Christmas trees, hang spiderwebs at Halloween, and wear green on St. Patricks Day – but now it’s time to show your patriotism. The great thing is you can oftentimes re-use your decorations from Memorial Day, or if you don’t have any, purchase now then save for next year’s patriotic holidays.

Remember, if you decide to run any special sales or create store-themed graphics, remember to use the red, white, and blue colors throughout to tie everything back to the approaching holiday. Even consider getting a storefront banner to promote your 4th of July sale and further show off your patriotism.



No matter which tactic(s) you choose to use, be sure to set yourself up for future business by capitalizing on the traffic and sales spike. Collect new customers information so you can re-market to them and encourage repeat business. Ask them to like your Facebook page or subscribe to your newsletter so they can be notified of future sales – and then follow through. As with all marketing, it is important to track your success so you can then gauge the return and make better decisions for future marketing.


Good luck and happy 4th of July!