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Is Your Internet “Fast Enough”?

Did you know that Bravo is an internet based application? That means that Bravo performs better with a faster internet connection. A part of Bravo running as smoothly and quickly as possible is the… Read More

Recent (and Past) Amazon Outages Impact Billions – Amazon on the Public Cloud

Just the other week, eCommerce powerhouse and public cloud service provider, Amazon, experienced outages and downtime across some of its platforms and services. Outages and downtime impacts billions of users – from Amazon shoppers to businesses utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS),… Read More

The Bravo Buzz: Patriot Gun & Pawn

Although we believe our software can talk for itself, sometimes it’s good to hear from other pawnbrokers what they think about it – so we’ve brought to you an installment of the Bravo Buzz. In this video, hear a testimonial from… Read More

Let’s set the record straight – Bravo’s Cloud versus PawnMaster’s Cloud

It has been a while since I last blogged, but I’m back. Our company now comprises of the largest and most experienced development team dedicated to pawn. We’ve been blogging about the Cloud since 2010 (click here). But now… Read More

Crossover Expo 2016: Highlights and Pictures from an Amazing Pawn Convention

Last week, members of the Bravo team traveled to Orlando, FL for Crossover Expo 2016. Pawnbrokers from across the country (and even some from abroad), convened at the Gaylord Palms Resort for a few days of learning, great… Read More

IT, Data, & Conversions in the Pawn Industry

As a pawnbroker, you’re sitting on a gold mine. It’s in your store. You’re so close to it. You can reach it, but you can’t see it. Once you identify and locate it, you still can’t get to it. If… Read More

Bravo, Internet & the Cloud: Finding the Right ISP for Your Pawn Shop

This guest post was provided by Stevo, one of Bravo’s very own Support Gurus. Bravo is the only truly cloud-based pawn platform and comes packed with advanced cloud capabilities. Everything you do in Bravo is backed up on the cloud… Read More

Small Business Trends and Predictions for 2016 | Pawn Edition

With the new year underway, many business experts have put forth their two cents into what they predict will be impactful for small business this year. After doing some research, I’ve found many similarities between their predictions and concluded that… Read More

Bravo’s Compliance with 2016’s California Regulations | New Features & Full Automation

First, hats off to the largest rate increase in California history! The California Department of Justice will be enacting and requiring the most comprehensive regulatory requirements for pawnbrokers starting Jan 1st 2016. Bravo’s team looks at these new regulation requirements… Read More

The Cloud’s Top 4 Security Concerns Shot Down

Let’s shoot down some cloud myths, but before we do, let’s clear the air. What IS the cloud? Simply put, cloud computing is when you run programs and store/access data over the internet. But why does that… Read More

Pawnbrokers and Their Customers Data Security | Recap from NPA 2015 Visit

What a joy to see the leadership of NPA stop by Bravo Pawn Systems to discuss with me Customer Data and ATF Cloud Data requirements.  Customer privacy is a number one priority today for all businesses.   I have been blogging… Read More

Bravo Store Spotlight: Benny’s Pawn Shop

Benny developed a strong reputation and brand within the El Paso community so when his son Saul took over in 1983, with brother-in-law Donald Glickstein also joining the business, he decided to keep the name… Read More

Want to Know More About Bravo? Check Out Our Brochure.

We know that Bravo can be overwhelming with all the features galore and services we have to offer you. A great place to start your research of our software is with our Sales Brochure. View the Bravo Sales Brochure… Read More