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MobilePawn Layaway Acceleration | Mobile Will UBERIZE the Pawn Industry

Do you believe in the Layaway program?  Many Pawnbrokers believe that Layaway is more important and profitable than their loan business.  These pawnbrokers enjoy establishing a form of credit to their pawn customers without risk.  The item never… Read More

We’ve Launched the Pawn Industry’s First Mobile App : MobilePawn

With competition and government regulations bearing down on pawn shop operators of all sizes, Bravo Pawn Systems releases MobilePawn to assist pawnbrokers in elevating their customer service by providing the first ever pawn mobile app in the industry. Pawnbrokers are… Read More

Meet the Team | Clovis Harris, Office Manager & Technical Support Analyst

This week I’d like to introduce you to a relatively new member to the Bravo team that isn’t so new to the pawn software industry.  Clovis Harris joined our team with the CompuPawn acquisition and we are super happy to… Read More

Meet the Team | Tally Mack, VP of Business Development

If you’ve stopped by the Bravo booth at one of the Pawn Conventions, you’ve most likely ran into and met Tally Mack, our VP of Business Development. She has been a predominant face of the Bravo business practically since… Read More

Bravo Newsletter (Aug. 26) | JSA 6mo Crime Statistics + More Articles & Tips

  Trade-Ins & Exchanges In Bravo’s latest release, we unveiled the Trade-Ins & Exchanges… Read More

Bravo Store Spotlight: TNT Pawn & Jewelry

  About TNT Pawn & Jewelry TNT Pawn is Arizona’s new one-stop shop to buy, sell, loan or trade quickly and conveniently. They believe in earning customer’s respect, trust, and loyalty. Their spacious store in… Read More

4 Tips to Capitalize on Pokemon Go for Your Pawn Shop Marketing

The other week at Pawn Expo, many of you got to learn about my fascination with Pokemon Go – a mobile app/game that is sweeping the nation. I’m not saying that Pokemon Go is for everybody but… Read More

[Bravo Newsletter June 29] Prepare for the 4th of July

Attention Bravo & CompuPawn users: We’ve extended the RSVP deadline for the 3rd Annual Bravo User Group to the end of this week. We’d love to see you all there! Please reserve your spot by this Friday, July 1st:… Read More

Stars, Stripes & Sales : 5 Tips to Capitalize on 4th of July Consumer Spending

What do you think of when you hear the 4th of July? Fireworks? Barbecues? Patriotism? For many, 4th of July isn’t just a celebration of our country, but also a time to get together with friends and family… Read More

Bravo Has Amplified Our Support and Customer Service with Zendesk!

This week, we launched a new and improved support infrastructure facilitated by Zendesk – the leader in support management software. Bravo’s core philosophy is to provide top-of-the-line customer service and this upgrade will add to this… Read More

[Bravo Newsletter June 10] The Power of Reviews & Testimonials in the Digital Age

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Bravo Newsletter where we aim to bring you the latest Pawn Industry news, updates from the Bravo team, and a Bravo tip. Enjoy!… Read More

[VIDEO] Bravo CEO Steve Mack Presents at Crossover Expo

Unable to attend Crossover Expo 2016 and missed Bravo CEO Steve Mack’s presentation or were you there but need a refresher? You’re in luck, because here is… Read More

[New Release] Bravo Version 2.3.7 is LIVE!

Bravo Release 2.3.7 went live last week and there are some really exciting features for you to see. But first, if you haven’t already, please go read the release notes in the Solution Center to view… Read More