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[Bravo Newsletter Jan. 14] 2016 is Starting Off with Many Changes! Are you Prepared?

Congrats to Robert Casto of Braswell & Son Pawnbrokers on winning the Bravo Holiday Giveaway! Thanks to all who participated and gave their great feedback – it is much appreciated!… Read More

2016: The Year of the Customer

Happy New Year to all my fellow Pawnbrokers. As 2016 is now underway, have you set your annual goals? Decided what all you wish to accomplish in 2016? Know what will drive your business when you have such limited time and resources? I… Read More

We Congratulate Badlands Pawn on the Opening of Their Entertainment & Retail Destination

About a month ago, Badlands Pawn, Gold & Jewelry opened to the public and is more than just a pawn shop, with many different attractions in their 70,000 square foot venue. View the Press… Read More

[Bravo Newsletter Dec. 10] Wrap up your holiday promotions with a bang!

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Bravo Newsletter where we aim to bring you the latest Pawn Industry news, updates from the Bravo team, and a Bravo tip. Enjoy!  … Read More

Meet the Bravo Team | Kelly York, Director of Software Development

Ever wonder who writes the code, develops the software, and creates the new features you see in all the Bravo and Buya releases? Meet Kelly York, Bravo’s Director of Software Development, who has been overseeing and… Read More

[Bravo Newsletter Week of Nov. 8] Gold’s declining, Gun Sales increasing, and Bravo is here to stay!

Have you noticed our new and revamped website? Take a moment to go check it out at or find out all about it in this press release. Also, be sure to… Read More

Bravo Pawn Systems Publishes New and Revamped Website

Hopefully you’ve seen it already, but today – November 11 – we officially announced the launch of our newly designed website. The new website is aligned with the company’s strategic vision for growth, expansion, and education. Read More

PawnCon 2015 from Bravo’s Eyes

This past weekend (November 6th & 7th), members of the Bravo team had the pleasure of attending PawnCon 2015 in Atlanta, GA. There were many great conversations and it was a pleasure getting to know those who stopped by our booth. Read More

Options for Conducting Transactions in Bravo

Do you feel like transactions are taking too long? Are you new to Bravo and would like a faster way to take in item until you are completely ramped up on using the system? If you answered yes, this one… Read More

[Bravo Newsletter Oct. 29] Get Your News, Tips, and Spooks!

As always, this newsletter comes jampacked with the latest pawn industry news but this time, we thought we’d do something a little different. We want to give you guys a chance to showcase your Halloween spirit, so we launched a Facebook… Read More

First for Pawn Industry: Bravo’s NEW Inter-Store Payments

Do you have more than 1 store?  Do you want to make it convenient so that your customers can make payments at any of your stores for all of their transactions?  Would your customers shop and borrow at your other… Read More

Bravo Store Spotlight: Sam’s Locker

About Sam’s Locker Sam’s Locker was formed in late 2014 when the owner Samuel Reading decided to turn his focus towards the Pawn business. Unlike many pawnbrokers, this wasn’t a hand-me-down business or something he long… Read More

[Bravo Newsletter] Start October Off on the Right Foot!

 Here’s your weekly scoop into all things pawn to help you get your month started off right! … Read More