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Bravo Newsletter (Sep. 22) | The world is going mobile.. and now, so can you

*** Bravo has launched the Pawn Industry’s First Mobile App : InstaPawn *** “I have been a pawnbroker for more than 30 years and in that time have seen technology evolve ‘all around us’ but no one has ever… Read More

MobilePawn Layaway Acceleration | Mobile Will UBERIZE the Pawn Industry

Do you believe in the Layaway program?  Many Pawnbrokers believe that Layaway is more important and profitable than their loan business.  These pawnbrokers enjoy establishing a form of credit to their pawn customers without risk.  The item never… Read More

We’ve Launched the Pawn Industry’s First Mobile App : MobilePawn

With competition and government regulations bearing down on pawn shop operators of all sizes, Bravo Pawn Systems releases MobilePawn to assist pawnbrokers in elevating their customer service by providing the first ever pawn mobile app in the industry. Pawnbrokers are… Read More

[New Release] Bravo Version 2.3.8 is LIVE!

This morning, Bravo Release 2.3.8 went LIVE and this one is definitely packed full of a lot of great features! But before I review some of the more major new features, please read the release notes… Read More

[Bravo Newsletter Jan. 27] Technology is Changing the Customer Experience

We are listed on eCommerceBytes – the source for many of our newsletter’s articles –  as a trusted Inventory Management and Listing Tool! Please take a moment to go leave a rating and a review – if you do,… Read More

Small Business Trends and Predictions for 2016 | Pawn Edition

With the new year underway, many business experts have put forth their two cents into what they predict will be impactful for small business this year. After doing some research, I’ve found many similarities between their predictions and concluded that… Read More

[Bravo Newsletter Dec. 16] Capture more eCommerce sales with great photos!

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Bravo Newsletter where we aim to bring you the latest Pawn Industry news, updates from the Bravo team, and a Bravo tip. Enjoy!… Read More

IPhones and Pawn, the Pros and Cons

This guest post was provided by Stevo, one of Bravo’s very own Support Gurus. Image From: imore.com Way back in January of 2007, Steve Jobs, the Founder and CEO of Apple, unveiled a new piece… Read More

[New Release] Bravo Version 2.3.3 is Now LIVE!!!

It’s that time again for another Bravo Release! We are excited to launch version 2.3.3 with a slew of new and exciting features. Let’s start with a list of the FREE SaaS updates for this Bravo Release: Added Hotkeys to… Read More

[Bravo Newsletter] Master eCommerce from your own Mobile Device!

Here’s your weekly scoop into all things pawn to help you get your month started off right!… Read More

Bravo Mobile Expands to Include Web Offers

I’m excited to announce that Bravo is expanding functionality to our Mobile Platform again! This week we introduce to store owners and their management team the ability to manage online business 24/7 via Apple or Android mobile devices.  Now you can accept or… Read More

eCommerce Trends 2015 | Updates to Buya

Selling online means that you are always open and people all over the world can find you. Here are some predicted eCommerce trends of 2015: People are shopping whenever and wherever is convenient, which means you have to provide a… Read More

Pawn – Mobile – Bravo – Coming soon…

Bravo started development this week on one of its most exciting new platform products, Bravo Mobile. Bravo Platform extends its iPaas (Integration Platform as a Service) to its Bravo Users – B2B – with roll-out to commence in… Read More