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What is SaaS – Will it Take Your Pawn Shop to the Next Level?

Let’s face it, with acronyms galore in the Technology industry, it’s sometimes hard to keep them all straight. One term that has emerged in the past decade and is talked about prevalently is SaaS– but what exactly does it mean?… Read More

IT, Data, & Conversions in the Pawn Industry

As a pawnbroker, you’re sitting on a gold mine. It’s in your store. You’re so close to it. You can reach it, but you can’t see it. Once you identify and locate it, you still can’t get to it. If… Read More

WHITE PAPER : What Makes Bravo So Unique in Today’s Pawn Software Market

Pawn Software solutions are not new. In fact, they were on the market very early in the 1980’s starting with the early version of Microsoft DOS. These early systems laid the foundation for the next… Read More

Watch : Accounting for Pawn Shops presented by Woody Mathews, C.P.A.

In this webinar, Certified Public Accountant Woody Mathews of AuldridgeGriffin in Fort Worth, Texas, goes over the main areas of emphasis that pawn operators should be aware… Read More

Bravo’s Point-of-Sale Buyer’s Guide: 7 Essential Steps to Choosing the Right POS System in 2016

Shopping for a Point-of-Sale System for your business can be stressful. There are many factors to consider when researching vendors and oftentimes, can leave you overwhelmed. Let us help. In the Bravo Point-of-Sale Buyer’s Guide, we… Read More

[Bravo Newsletter Jan. 27] Technology is Changing the Customer Experience

We are listed on eCommerceBytes – the source for many of our newsletter’s articles –  as a trusted Inventory Management and Listing Tool! Please take a moment to go leave a rating and a review – if you do,… Read More

Bravo’s Compliance with 2016’s California Regulations | New Features & Full Automation

First, hats off to the largest rate increase in California history! The California Department of Justice will be enacting and requiring the most comprehensive regulatory requirements for pawnbrokers starting Jan 1st 2016. Bravo’s team looks at these new regulation requirements… Read More

You Talked – We Listened | Bravo Release

Every 4 to 6 weeks, Bravo comes out with a new release to continue to provide our customers the best features and user experience. In this new release (, we have a ton of updates available to all… Read More

We Just Think Different About Competitive Analysis

Last week, we were asked for the first time by a new pawnbroker to provide a competitive comparison of Bravo with the other software products in the pawn industry. This is typically a pretty mundane effort that requires a spreadsheet full… Read More

Bravo Announces New Integration With EyesOn to Be Released May 21

Here at Bravo we continually look for ways to provide the best tools to Pawnbrokers in order for them to take their Pawn Shop to the next level. With this in mind, we are excited to announce that on May… Read More

Could A POS Breakdown Like Starbucks Happen To Your Pawn Shop?

For some lucky Starbucks aficionados, last Friday (April 24th) was like Christmas. Around 7:30 pm EST, the Point-of-Sale system that about 7,000 stores nationwide use for their cash registers had a system meltdown – leading many stores to offer their… Read More

Has Our Competition Been Feeding You Lies? Get The Skinny on Bravo

In this infographic, we debunk the myths that our competition spreads and provide the real, truthful facts of Bravo. Infographic: Bravo Myths Debunked… Read More

Get Some Spring In Your Step With These New Bravo Features

Spring is upon us and so is a time of growth, renewal and new life. The word Spring seems to be very popular and finds its way into many phrases “Spring Forward” “Spring Cleaning” “Spring in your Step” or even “Spring Training.”… Read More