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Understanding How to Use eCommerce for Pawn Shops

This is the full guide for understanding how eCommerce works with pawn shops! Read on to become an expert in eCommerce AND find out how we can help you through your journey of developing more sales, buys, and loans! Chapter… Read More

This is the full guide for understanding how eCommerce works with pawn shops! Read on to become an expert in eCommerce AND find out how we can help you through your journey of developing more sales, buys, and loans!

Chapter 1: How Bravo Can Help You Run eCommerce like a Pro!

Learn How to Run eCommerce like a Pro!


Did you know that 80% of Americans have made an online purchase in the past month, and, that over 51% of Americans prefer to shop online? eBay alone generated over 10 billion dollars in net revenue from online sales last year, while Amazon pumped out over 11 billion…



Chapter 2: [Webinar] Use eCommerce to Drive In-store Traffic & Generate New Customers

How eCommerce can improve in-store traffic

Check out our webinar that covers how you can leverage eCommerce to achieve more in-store traffic and generate long-lasting customer relationships! This 30-minute webinar is the perfect way to get more information about eCommerce and learn the ins-and-outs of using eCommerce for your pawn shop.



Chapter 3: How Pawnbrokers Can Lower eCommerce Returns

How Pawnbrokers Can Lower eCommerce Returns

Pawn Shop Returns… All Pawn Shop Owners Dread Them!

As retailers, we all know that the only thing more important than your bottom-line is customer satisfaction. Your customers are the lifeline of your retail shop—and—multiple returns can hurt your relationship with your customers.

Pawnbrokers are no exception! 

According to market analysts, brick-and-mortar return rates can hover near 9%. It’s an even more grim figure for eCommerce retailers, with returns climbing as high as 30%. Clothing returns can sometimes top out at a staggering 40%. The convenience of buying/returning an item online can drastically change the results of your bottom-line expectations. That is why it is crucial to understand how eCommerce can work WITH your brick-and-mortar store to enhance the customer experience.

The question is: 

“Why do customers — particularly online buyers — get cold feet?”



Chapter 4: How to Leverage eCommerce With Less Effort Than Your Current System

What can ecommerce do for my pawn shop

Pawn, eBay, eCommerce, Internet, Regulations & Brick & Mortar are just a few of the major issues facing the Pawnbroker on a daily basis.

The question becomes: 

How Do I Leverage eCommerce for My Pawn Shop?

If you have asked yourself that question—no worries! We are here to help!




Chapter 5: [Webinar] Use eCommerce to Drive In-store Traffic & Generate New Customers

How eCommerce can improve in-store traffic

In the last five months, you may have noticed a major increase in inventory turnover. While selling inventory is always a great sign, we want to offer some education about eCommerce and how it may have played a factor in your recent sales.

In this webinar, we talk about how to use eCommerce to drive in-store traffic and how to leverage the eCommerce platform to generate new customers.

We were happy to have our Director of Sales, Kristy Bauer, join us for this webinar!

She is a great resource to learn more about eCommerce and will provide a few actionable insights to get you started.

Watch the full webinar to learn more!



Chapter 6: [Webinar] eComm & Mobile: Critical Selling Channels in the World of Resale

Why eCommerce and Mobile are Critical Channels for Resale

With this webinar, you will learn about the importance of eCommerce and Mobile—and how they work as marketing/selling channels.

Working in the world of resale can be difficult to nail down the newest resale/mobile trends and teach you about how to dial into consumer insights to drive sales.

We will also equip you with some new tips and tricks to get started into eComm!



Chapter 7: 9 Tips for Reducing eCommerce Return Rates

Learn about the benefits of ecommerce in pawn shops

A high merchandise return rate is an expensive hassle. If you are currently selling online, you’re no stranger to returns. Online consumers return 20% to 30% of apparel and soft goods, and 10% of home products and toys. Although returns are inevitable when selling online, there are ways to decrease your return rate.



Chapter 8: [Webinar] New Text Message Enhancements & Pricing from Bravo

New Text Message Enhancements & Pricing from Bravo

Are you looking to increase business by implementing a new communication method? At Bravo, we always want to improve and progress in our communication offerings. These newest communication package options are going to be a GAME CHANGER for pawnbrokers.

We are also extremely excited to introduce the newest pricing packages!



Chapter 9: 3 of the Biggest eCommerce Myths Debunked

Top Three Myths of eCommerce for Pawn Shops

Building an eCommerce presence for your pawn shop is no longer an option, it’s necessary if you hope to stay competitive.

We are not just talking about staying competitive with the shop down the street… Imagine that all of the competition has moved in down the street and now resides in your customer’s back pocket.

Yes, we are speaking about the internet and mobile…

Look around your showroom floor and see if you can find an item that IS NOT ALREADY available online. eCommerce and mobile shopping make it so easy to find a good deal which made us ask:

“How can Bravo provide eCommerce to pawn shops?”  



Chapter 10: 4 Tips for Taking Professional Product Photos with a SmartPhone!

4 Tips for Taking Professional Product Photos with a Smart Phone!

Posterboard, cell phone, and a tripod – the perfect trifecta for taking professional-looking product photos! Read this article to learn how to take professional photos with your current phone! Click here! 



Chapter 11: [Webinar] 5 Lessons We Learned from COVID

What you need to know about COVID and the Pawn Industry

Check out this awesome webinar! We are doing things a little bit different with this recording…

Watch Tally Mack discuss with Yigal Adato during this Power Up Pawn virtual event! We will discuss the top five things we learned about the pawn industry during the COVID Crisis.



Chapter 12: [Webinar] 5 Ways to Drive Bottom Line Results with Mobile Apps

How to use mobile apps to drive sales

These days, mobile apps have found their way inside everyone’s pocket. They can be incredibly helpful for a variety of tasks and projects.

But, you may be wondering:

“How can I use a mobile app to drive my bottom line?”

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • How to drive real results using mobile apps
  • How to find new and creative ways to get the most out of your current solution
  • Whether or not mobile apps are valuable
  • And more!

Click the link to watch the webinar!



Chapter 13: The eCommerce Experience – How Bravo Integrates with all eComm Channels

Your current and future customers are looking for you online… can they find you? The Bravo Pawn Platform enables you to market and sell your inventory on multiple eCommerce sites at the same time—expediting inventory turnover, fueling revenue growth through online sales, and driving in-store traffic with increased brand awareness…




With Bravo, you can do all of this and more AND with less effort than your current system.  Click below to learn more about Bravo!

Interested in seeing Bravo in Action? Discover How Our Product Can Change the Way You Do Business!

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