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"Bravo and Buya have been the best thing to happen to my pawn business ever. EVER!"

Dave Munsee, Liberty Pawn & Gold

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Expect more from your Point-of-Sale platform

Bravo provides the highest return on investment of any other system! Bravo gives your business the competitive tools of the ‘big boys.’


Bravo software is directly tied to and, where your items can be automatically listed for sale or auction with just just a few clicks. Customers can even make offers on your merchandise and negotiate with you online in real-time, all through your POS dashboard.

Security Management

Bravo includes the most complete security management system. Every employee and workstation has their own security management settings. It’s simply the most comprehensive protection you can buy, and setting it up is a snap.

Task Manager

Bravo’s Task Manager is better than sliced bread. Our customers love this feature because it eliminates the need to remind you and your employees of the tasks to be completed throughout the day.

Inventory Management

Bravo provides serious business operators easy-to-use inventory management in one convenient screen.

Business Analytics

Now you can finally do something with your data. Drill into your company’s daily, monthly, and annual performance instantly with easy-to-use analysis services. Reports of the past tell what happened last month -- with Bravo you have an accurate view of what is happening today and in the future.

Accounting Information

Bravo makes it easy to post to accounting. With the simple click of a button, you can export to QuickBooks, MAS90, or 10 different file formats.
There is much more Bravo can offer to your business. See for yourself! Web Auction Management, Physical Inventory, Cash Drawer, Services & Fees Management, Missing Item Management ...

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Get the hardware at the lowest price on the market

Bravo only requires half of the hardware other software solutions require.

We offer a system that doesn’t require proprietary hardware. Bravo works with all major brands.

Hardware Top

Your store essentials

Bravo’s platform provides you with powerful services matched with your basic hardware and internet.

Bravo is easier, more reliable, intuitive, and engaging.

Our only requirement is that you spend less.

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Hear from Bravo customers that use our system every day

Ryan Handschake

Pawn Central, Iowa & Illinois

Thank you so much for your fast response and support! Bravo’s Customer Service from my experience has been by far the best I’ve ever worked with.

Ken Fanning

Cash Today Pawn, Florida

I’ve been on Bravo for 60 days now. I Can tell you this is by far the best pawn program I’ve ever used. I have used TOPS, Compupawn, and PawnMaster® and Bravo blows all of these other systems away. I want to thank you for making an outstanding pawnshop management system that far surpasses the others and is easily affordable. You have a new fan!

Kevin Dyche

Plan B Pawn, Colorado

Incredible. You are the man Steve Mack, and Bravo is unbelievable. We couldn’t be happier to be on Team Bravo!

Roger Loder

Grupo Internacional SA de CV, Mexico

We have had a huge, huge first quarter! We’ve grown our loan balance more than 27% and improved our PBT. Thanks Bravo! We have had the most limited problems with Telmex and Internet downtime.

Dave Munsee

Liberty Pawn and Gold, Virginia

Bravo and Buya have been the best thing to happen to my pawn business ever. EVER! If anyone has any questions or concerns about the best thing to hit this industry since the cash register have them call me.

Mathew D Sams

Gateway Jewelry and Pawn, Inc

Just wanted to say thanks for building the greatest pawn software out there. It keeps get better with every update. We are working hard to get all converted inventory from our prior system run thru the estimator and pictures up on BUYA.

Kevin Ballenger

Gateway Jewelry and Pawn

I love Bravo for so many reasons. The main reason is the ease of navigation. It is simple to use and gets you to where you need to be whether it’s writing a loan or making a sale. Another huge plus, Buya and eBay.


Capital Pawn

Hi Bravo Team,
Beth here at Capital Pawn in Salem, Oregon. We just want to say a great, big THANK YOU for listening to all of our many, many suggestions and then changing things to make our lives faster and easier. This morning in our team meeting we demonstrated the newest feature of being able to see all dates for loans at a glance. We love it!!!
Beth and the team at Capital Pawn


Patriot Gun and Pawn

I’ve been a customer since March of 2013. I love the functionality of Bravo, and the Bravo Support Team has been absolutely wonderful. Thanks, Bravo team, you’re doing an amazing job.

Out of this world support

We understand change can be scary, and we are here to help.


Emergency Support

Bravo includes free mission critical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Bravo’s knowledge base

The Bravo Help Wiki is a searchable knowledge base to help you find what you’re looking for fast!


On the phone training

Your success is important to us which is why we’re on standby for on-the-phone training. Free for your first 30 days.

Bravo Academy

Back to school (but this time for only 15 minutes each day)! Enroll in our exclusive training and become a Bravo expert in 2 weeks or less.


Daily Q&A

We offer daily sessions. Sign up and our team will answer your questions and listen to your suggestions.

Free Upgrades

Software as a Service means you are always on the latest and greatest technology. We deliver new features every 4 weeks. Our products are of the highest quality, rigorously tested, and will help you run your business better.

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